Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cleaning with a toddler...

So I've gotten the question a lot lately how I keep our house so clean. First I can assure you we have our days. Toddlers are messy and I only have one so I know it couldn't be way worse haha. I wanted to write this out and share some things that work for me. I'm no pro but since I had people asking I figured I would share what we do!

This past month I have been having Rosie help me a lot more with "chores". I found out shes actually a pretty good help and she really enjoys it. I know our biggest issue is her being naughty lately. Keeping her busy I found is best. These little activities have kept her happier and in less trouble.

I am always pushing her in laundry baskets, counting each piece of laundry that goes in or out of the dryer. We play music while we clean and sing and dance along.

If your child is small enough and you have things to put away, clean or organize that are not for little hands there is a couple ways I do this depending on the task. If I need to mop the floors.. I wait til nap time or bedtime. If I need to fold some laundry without little hands undoing everything I put her in her high chair or booster and give her a snack to entertain her time. If I need a little more time I give her some coloring crayons and book and let her keep busy!

I know cleaning with your little ones makes things a lot slower and sometimes just way more frustrating but be patient and involve them. I know I'm not only keeping Rosie busy and out of trouble but I am also teaching her lessons in responsibility and helping out! Plus I've actually learned to enjoy cleaning myself as well now that we make it fun!

Do you have any good tips on cleaning with kids? I would love to hear them below!! :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Two Arches...

So I've been seeing cute little arches for a while now and i've been wanting to get one. I ended up getting two from my dear friend Heidi from Feather & Birch.

I actually didn't plan to use both in one space. I had this cute wheat wreath that I thought would look perfect in the middle of one but it ended up being too big and took up almost a whole arch. I decided to see what it would look like in the middle of two. I haven't seen it done before ( I mean I'm sure it has been lol). I was a little unsure after laying it out on the floor but I decided to just go for it. I actually am really loving how it turned out. It made this space feel a little more cozy I think.

What do you guys think of the two arches together?
Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Bedding and pillows: Target
Blanket: Ikea
Dresser: Ikea
Arches: Feather and Birch
Wreath: Target
Night stand: Marshalls
Lamps: Target
Happy man sign: Feather and Birch

Thursday, September 15, 2016


I know I know it's been a while. I'm so bad at the keeping up here but hope to have some really amazing things coming to the blog this year I can't wait to share about.

I thought I would share some recent pictures of our house decor. I get asked constantly where things are from, where I buy my decor, etc so I figured I would share my favorite finds and shops and stores here for you guys.

Tomorrow I'll be posting my bedroom pics and my new arches with a fall wreath I hung but For now here is my dining room.

I simply adore this gather sign and truthfully I have more plans for it than just thing but for now it's up and I couldn't love it more. I got it from one of my fav decor shops for signs it's Feather & Birch. Check out her amazing shop.. She's one of my all time favs!

Also I've been dying for a sign that had this saying. How perfect is this one. Just adore it!!

Our lamp is from ikea, the pumpkins are from target/antique store fine and my favorite candle from target!!

So that's all for now! Tomorrow I'll share my bedroom.

Have a wonderful Thursday night friends 💗

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vanity Planet Whitening System...

Let's talk teeth for a minute. I've never been super fond of mine. I've always been insecure and hate how they look. I've learned though that I feel a million times better about them when they are nice and white. Getting through my days as a mom caffeine is my savior. Coffee, Pop.. you know all the things that stain my teeth. I tried the last whitening system from Vanity Planet and loved my results. I saw they had a new easier system out that was suppose to give even better results so I gave it a try. No lights or extra gels just a tray and gel and in your mouth they go. I noticed results right away and by the time the 6th application was done ( thats how many came in my kit) My teeth were many shades whiter and I felt SO much better about my smile. I haven't had any sensitivity with my teeth like I have with other brands before. I highly recommend this amazing kit!!

To grab your use this link and at checkout receive 70% off with code: xoAllieB

Here are my results:

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Letter Folk Co.

Im simply OBSESSED with these cute little boards from Letter Folk Co.
They come with a whole bunch of letters and you can create your own sayings! I already know I want the big one for when we redo our livingroom... or mudroom... or dining area. Yeah I might just add these all over the house LOL.
 They are so simple yet add so much to a space and thats what I adore about them.

Have a peek at their website and instagram and fall in love when them too!

Figured this saying was fitting. I swear lately there is ALWAYS a pile of dishes in the sink.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Rosie Jane 16 months...

I can't believe Rosie is 16 months now.
These months keep going faster and faster and before you know it I will be saying I have a 2 year old :(

Here are a couple pictures I quick snapped in our back yard yesterday of her at 16 months. It was kind of a last minute shoot but I asked josh to snap a couple with me in them because I never have any with her. So glad I did!!

                                             Totally wasn't ready for this shot LOL

                                                                      UH... Something in my mouth? haha

 Rosie adorable headband is from: Baker Blossoms
Rosies Dress: Old Navy
Rosies Shoes: Old Navy

Friday, April 1, 2016

March Favorites

Hello everyone!!!!
It's been WAY to long since I've used this little space and I wanted to dust it off today and start sharing here again. What better way than to share some of my very favorite things I've been using this month!!!
I always want to keep this space genuine and stuff I truly love and know you guys will too. I always get excited seeing other bloggers and friends share things they love and trying them out for myself so I hope you guys can do the same :)

First thing I've been completely obsessing over this month is this amazing EOS shaving cream. I was waking through Walgreens and it caught my eye. Anything in a cute package I'm instantly sold 🙈 I saw it was around 4$ so I figured what did I have to lose. I've been using it all month and my legs have been like silk. It smells like heaven and I love how creamy and moisturizing it has been on my legs!

EOS Shaving Cream

The second thing I wanted to share with you are these AMAZING tinted lip balms from Younique. My lips are always always chapped and I'm such a Chapstick girl. I love that I can get the feeling and hydration of Chapstick with amazing color and natural ingredients! I've worn these literally everyday this month. Not even lying. You can keep them simple or dress them up and I just love that. They have five gorgeous colors from neutral to pinks, reds and berry! These are perfect for the summer months coming up 👄❤️

Lip Bon Bons

The third thing I've been obsessing over the past couple weeks is this mio water enhancer!!! So I've been trying super hard to cut back on my love for Mountain Dew and caffine. Drinking water doesn't come easy for me and this flavor peach mango is like the best thing ever. It helps me drink 6 glasses a day so easily. I actually tried a Mountain Dew for the first time all week yesterday and it didn't even taste good. Hoping I can just move past that gross caffine habit!💗

Mio Water Enhancer

The fourth thing I have been loving this month is this renewing argon oil of moracco shampoo by ogx!! My hair feels SOOO good and it smells simply amazing!! I got it at Walgreens and it's a reasonable shampoo that has helped my hair feel so healthy. 💁🏻

OGX shampoo

The last thing I've been loving is the blushing tulips and peonies hand soap from bath and body. I can't get enough of the smell and like I said.. Im such a sucker for cute packaging and it matches our bathroom Reno so well.. I just couldn't pass it up. I'm glad I grabbed them because it's become an instant fav. Anyone else obsessed with good smelling hand soaps from
Bath and body? I could seriously spend all day in that store smelling soaps, perfumes and candles! 😬

Blushing Tulips and Peonies Soap

That's it for my March favorites! Let me know if you guys have tried any of these or if you end up trying them what you think! Can't wait to get back into the swing of blogging I've sure missed it!! Thanks for always supporting me guys, you are all seriously the best!