Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rosie, 20 weeks...

To my sweet Rosie girl,
I truly can't believe your already 20 weeks old today. I'm not quite sure where the time has gone, yet I feel like you've been in our lives forever! I felt like it was yesterday I was just 20 weeks pregnant with you. How much you've grown since then blows my mind. Your learning new things every single day and my love for you keeps growing. I thought I couldn't possibly love you more then I already did when I was pregnant with you, I thought I couldn't possibly love you more the moment you were placed on my chest. How I was so wrong. This love keeps growing and growing and I know it's no where near the love I'll have for you next week or next year. Your such a blessing in your daddy and I's life. We prayed for you and wished for you for over a year and to know your here in our arms and healthy is beyond a blessing. You are my little sunshine girl, you brighten my days and make my life have even more of a purpose. My prayer for you is that you grow up strong, smart, kind, caring and loving The Lord. I pray that The Lord blesses your life so richly and that you chase your dreams no matter how big they are. Your dad and I will always support you with all that we are! I hope you always know how much your daddy and I love you and thank god for you. Happy 20 weeks my sweet Rosie Jane.
With all my heart,
Your mommy

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hudson and Ruthie Feature

We love Hudson and Ruthie, they have the cutest onesies for little girls! Head over and check out all their amazing stuff:
Giveaway over on instagram, make sure you enter for your chance to win your own collared onesie which is my absolute favorite of theirs!

Happy Tuesday friends.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

our week in photos...

Im glad I finally have a blog to share all my extra photos and have a place to look back on as Rosie grows! This week Rosie was 19 weeks.  She started taking naps in her crib, rolling over all the time, finally not hating tummy time all the time, starting to blow bubble and raspberries, she started cereal, is loving sitting in front of the mirror and smiling at herself, jumping in her johnny jumper, and starting to finally fit on my hip. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mom get in the square..

I've noticed way too many times I've avoided being in a photo. I wasn't ready, I don't like what I'm wearing, I feel fat today.. The list goes on. I realized I have a handful of photos with Rosie and it makes me sad to think that I'm going to look non existent.  I want her to look back someday and feel the love I have for her, and have these memories to cherish. Im starting a challenge not only for myself but for you to join to. I'm challenging myself to be in at least two photos each week for the next 6 weeks. That means at the end I will have at least 12 photos of Rosie and I that I will be able to cherish forever. I'm going to push myself even when I don't feel pretty, I don't like that pose or what I'm wearing or whatever my excuse is that day!  Doesn't matter how perfect the picture is. It can be a selfie, taken by someone else, self timer etc! If you wanna join along please use the hashtag on Instagram  #momgetinthesquare. Let's make this happen moms, not only for us but for  our children!!