Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites : Featuring Vanity Planet

So I decided I'm going to start a Friday Favorites post every Friday. Products I love to use and know you will love too! These will be beauty, style and health products that I've tried and want to share with you all! So today for my first Friday Favorites I will be sharing with you the AMAZING spin brush set from Vanity Planet. I'm not joking when I say that this spin brush is changing my skin. You wanna know how people get that fresh glowy skin look (other then lots of makeup) its this! My skin has never felt so smooth and glowy and I can feel my pores shrink and close up when I use it and I've also noticed my makeup going on better!! So I just have to say even though I know Josh may not like me sharing I feel like I totally have to. After I got this product and began using it I kept raving how my face felt. Josh watched and he then said ok, let me try it. You guys JOSH asked to try it. Yes this is a product for men and women but JOSH mr. I don't like anything feminine or girly tried it. Wanna know his instant response.. " My face feels like an angel." I literally died laughing and now we both have our own body spin brush. It comes with a body brush, a face cleanser and exfoliater and a brush to get rid of any calluses on your body! This is a must have item in my daily routine now! Here is a special code just for you guys! It works on any of their facial spin brush products on their site!!!

Vanity Planet Website
Code: AllieB at checkout for 70% off
Original cost $100 final cost with code 30$  (SUCH AN AMAZING DEAL)