Thursday, July 23, 2015

Swim Zip Feature...

Rosie and I spent a couple hours this morning at a local park. It was her first time in a swing and her first time in the splash pad. Even though she seems pretty serious in all these she LOVED it. She is just one to take everything in :) I love that I get to stay home and do all these fun things with her. We are really enjoying our summer over here and the older she gets the more fun we are having!! Bits of the park today over on snapchat: alliemboss

I absolutely love her little suit from Swim Zip. Seen this company on shark tank!! Any other Shark Tank lovers out there too? I love their suits and I love that Rosie is more covered up and I dont have to worry about too much sun on her little body. They have some amazing suits for babies (boy and girl) and mommies as well.  The cute towel in some pics is also from them as well. Head and check them out for yourself:
Swim Zip
Also a little discount for you, use Allie20 at checkout to save 20% for the next 3 days!!!

( Rosie is wearing a 3-6 month size and fits true to size)