Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vanity Planet Whitening System...

Let's talk teeth for a minute. I've never been super fond of mine. I've always been insecure and hate how they look. I've learned though that I feel a million times better about them when they are nice and white. Getting through my days as a mom caffeine is my savior. Coffee, Pop.. you know all the things that stain my teeth. I tried the last whitening system from Vanity Planet and loved my results. I saw they had a new easier system out that was suppose to give even better results so I gave it a try. No lights or extra gels just a tray and gel and in your mouth they go. I noticed results right away and by the time the 6th application was done ( thats how many came in my kit) My teeth were many shades whiter and I felt SO much better about my smile. I haven't had any sensitivity with my teeth like I have with other brands before. I highly recommend this amazing kit!!

To grab your use this link and at checkout receive 70% off with code: xoAllieB

Here are my results: