Friday, September 16, 2016

Two Arches...

So I've been seeing cute little arches for a while now and i've been wanting to get one. I ended up getting two from my dear friend Heidi from Feather & Birch.

I actually didn't plan to use both in one space. I had this cute wheat wreath that I thought would look perfect in the middle of one but it ended up being too big and took up almost a whole arch. I decided to see what it would look like in the middle of two. I haven't seen it done before ( I mean I'm sure it has been lol). I was a little unsure after laying it out on the floor but I decided to just go for it. I actually am really loving how it turned out. It made this space feel a little more cozy I think.

What do you guys think of the two arches together?
Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Bedding and pillows: Target
Blanket: Ikea
Dresser: Ikea
Arches: Feather and Birch
Wreath: Target
Night stand: Marshalls
Lamps: Target
Happy man sign: Feather and Birch