Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our Farmhouse Bathroom details...

I get questions multiple times a day about our bathroom. Our bathroom is easily my favorite room in our house.  Probably because it was the only one we totally renoed. The space before was so cramped, awkward and was a one sink vanity.

I knew when redoing this space I wanted a double sink and that was super important to me because we only have one bathroom in our farmhouse. Our new layout created so much more space and made the space appear and feel so much roomier. 

Details of our space:

I always get questions about it. What color did I paint it, where did you get it etc. When I saw this vanity I knew it was it and the price was amazing. Our room was very neutral which was my goal and originally wanted a white or grey vanity. After finding this I knew it was the one. Such a soft vintage blue that was so neutral but just enough color to make the room pop. The vanity came with silver knobs And cut out holes for the sink. I knew I wanted more of a farmhouse feel so my handy hubby added the ones that sit on top by cutting a little of the marble so they fit right in the other hole. I'm obsessed with how it turned out. We spray painted oil rubbed bronze on the knobs and it looked perfect.

Farmhouse Drop in Sinks:
These totally helped make our vanity feel more farmhouse and it was one of my must haves in our bathroom.

The Floors:
I wanted the plain little hexagons but no store around us had any. I'm SO glad we decided to go with this pattern instead. I ADORE it and plan to use it again someday!!!

The shower curtain:
I get asked like 272618 times a day (not exaggerating 😝) where is it from... It's one of my favorite stores world market. It actually wasn't what I had in mind at all. I looked for something white with lace or ruffle and just couldn't find the perfect one. Then I walked past this and knew. It had that blue from the vanity in it and I love everything floral. I feel this piece really took our room and completely finished it off!!! Im sad to say but they don't sell it anymore. I'll be hoarding mine forever now 😭

The Mirrors
The mirrors are from World Market (along with basically everything in this bathroom lol). I was actually looking for circle mirrors when I walked passed these and knew these were it. I prayed they would fit our space and when I brought them home they seriously fit like a glove. I knew they were meant to be ours!!

The Rugs:
Loved how simple these were and the fact that they were round and fit perfect in front of each mirror.

The Vanity Lights:
These were one of the first things I bought. I loved how they had a farmhouse feel and knew I needed them. When I got them home I realized the bulbs in them were VERY orange. I think it was for the antique feel. But if your a girl you know you never want to have orange lighting when getting ready LOL. I went and got some longer bulbs that were White and it was way better!

Towel Hooks:
Another one of my first purchases. I knew I wanted some wood and rustic feel to bring in some texture and farmhouse feel. These turned out to be perfect in the space!

Laundry Basket:
I love having this rolling basket in this space. Its perfect to toss dirty towels and our clothes at the end of the day. Each day Rosie rolls it over to the laundry room and we empty it and bring it back!

Chalk Board:
I still haven't even wrote on it yet because I haven't figured out what to put LOL.

Flower Jar Vases:
When I saw these I knew it would be perfect right on the back of the toilet!

Blue Clock:
I grabbed this knowing it matched the vanity and hoping I could find a place for it. I tend to do that a lot. Just find things and wing it. I think that is just my style.. winging it LOL.

I hope you all love our bathroom. This truly was such a fun project for josh and I and its something Im proud of!!!